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Group Planner and cookies.

  1. Cookies are small text files that websites store on your computer. The text file is harmless. It can not harm your computer.
  2. Cookies are used include to collect information about you and your behavior on the network typically used to target marketing.
  3. Group Planner does not use 3rd party cookies, which are typically those used for marketing purposes.
  4. Group Planner uses Google Analytics to track which pages our customers look at before they login. After logging in, there is no use of cookies.
  5. If you tick the "Remember Me" Group Planner uses a cookie to remember your username. Therefore do not use this feature on a computer that is used by many people.
  6. You can always delete the cookies that may be on your computer. You can easily find information about how to do on search sites as Google or Bing.

What is a Group Planner?

A general planning tool in 3 or 4 dimensions to control or plan WHO does or should do WHAT and WHEN and optionally for WHOM.


The idea is that everyone should have the greatest possible influence on his work schedule. Be able to swap shifts, put holiday in and so forth.

Employees thrive better and stay longer in the job. The work Planner gets a good tool for both for planning, dissemination and reporting, and it keeps him from gong down with stress.


Your imagination is the only limit. Here are some examples:
  • Roster planning at a gas station or a restaurant
  • Work shop planning at a garage
  • Room or facilities rental
  • Who does what and when during a festival

How to get started?

The first thing you can do is try the program in the demo version which you can find by clicking here . Here you can do almost as much as in the live version, but every day, all data is reset.

If you are satisfied, just create your own calendar. You will get it for free for 2 months. You can then continue as a subscriber with the data you've already created.

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